The shape and content of the video come from a question about desire and the place where the subject that desires sets upon. From Psychoanalysis the inquiry about the act of wishing and desire has found new courses which has led to one of the most important encounters for such a matter, the phantom that inhabits this desire. That who at the distance looks, marginalize himself from a possible contact, shifting from immersion to observation, becoming a phantom to others. Hidden in the shadows, behind the slot where this self watches, he powers up his vision to achieve his imaginary satisfaction


    Physical contact could make him feel anguish for real approach reserves no guaranties for satisfaction; instead, this alternative way of living could be miles ahead from his control.


    In a context of global trade which precedes this subject long before he was born, and when the offer exceeds his demand and capability to satisfy what others may demand, it seems to him that the only way of having a portion of gratification resides on isolation.